The ABC package offered by ESG can be used by organisations and companies carrying out work in the conservation, humanitarian and extractives sectors, as well as by the institutions funding them.

A standard package includes a human rights evaluation, a report on findings, recommendations, and an action plan. Additional training in areas of identified weakness, and other forms of tailored support, are also available.


ESGTA starts through a listening process. We want to hear and understand the challenges that you face. By deploying our regional and national legal partners, we support organisations with our international team and our regional and national partners to ensure we define risks against best practice frameworks and national legal requirements.


Following the assessment phase and identification of critical risks, a capacity building plan is implemented to assist in adopting and developing fundamental principles to address exposures. ESGTA’s team delivers this training plan, from which management can immediately implement best practice principles and incorporate appropriate guidance into everyday activities.


ESG finally provides a complete compliance check and supports institutions as they cultivate the learnings and best practices identified by ESG in the assessment and throughout capacity building, improving human rights considerations and standards. This audit becomes a formal document that the organisation can share with funding partners and investors. In addition, revisiting this audit periodically provides ongoing health checks for the organisation.

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