Ben’s extensive international experience developing cohesive security solutions in states with diminished governance and fragility brings a collaborative approach to managing relationships and risks in complex environments.

The past 30 years have seen projects and engagements across multiple sectors, presenting numerous challenges to transfer capacity and understanding of community stability, security, and human rights.

Since 2017, Ben has steered projects under the Preventing, Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) programmes in the Horn of Africa, Chad Basin, and Eastern DRC, focusing on sustainable community-based stability.


Justin brings 20 years of international experience launching and scaling organisations across South America and Africa. He particularly enjoys developing processes that enable recruiting and training at scale in challenging and complex geographies.

In 2018 he led the process design and subsequent recruitment and training of over 1000 sales staff for a renewable energy company operating in Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire and Nigeria.

Since COVID hit, he has relished the challenge of exploring multiple new sectors and developing solutions to widespread problems, from wind power to human rights compliance.


Stella Ndirangu

Stella Ndirangu

Stella is an international human rights lawyer with over 12 years of experience implementing human rights and the rule of law, building capacity, and creating training modules.

She has expertise in developing policies and standard operating procedures and designing and delivering capacity building and human rights training for security and justice sector institutions.

Her areas of focus include police oversight, criminal justice reform, penal reform interventions (on the abolition of the death penalty), fair trial rights, prevention of torture and violence against women, all in support of greater accountability to the societies served by these institutions.

Stella serves as a member of the Police Reform Working Group in Somalia and Kenya. Her practice spans sub-Saharan Africa, where she has worked with security actors, justice personnel, and governments.



Clare Brown is an international human rights lawyer with ten years of experience increasing the human rights capacity of various institutions across Africa and the Middle East.

Clare specialises in providing advice on streamlining gender and human rights considerations in the operations of businesses and security forces and has an emerging focus on human rights in conservation.

She has produced over 25 research reports on gender and the rule of law, published two journal articles on the subject, and facilitated countless workshops and trainings with governmental, civil society and legal partners in Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, and Lebanon.

Clare has a Masters (LL.M) in International Humanitarian and Human Rights from American University and degrees in law and political science from the University of Queensland.

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